Ultimate Subaru Justy Turbo


garry82ms: I see lots of post about info required. I have the complete 5 manual set of the workshop manual. What can I scan & send you? Also have fair knowledge of ECVT and have had most of the problems (solved) with it :) Aug 21, 2021 23:05:39 GMT -5
madmatt: Arrgh... looking for a crank. The one I had was ground over... and then there was an incident again... and yeah... Aug 26, 2021 14:22:34 GMT -5
madmatt: let me know if you have anything. Aug 26, 2021 14:23:00 GMT -5
jim schlipp: i have complete rebuilt engine for 2500 let me know if anyone is looking for one it is super cleaned and ready to go it is for a 5 speed fuel injected engine Aug 27, 2021 12:15:29 GMT -5
jim schlipp: need a fast idle valve for the air conditioning to idle up does anyone have one it has 2 hoses to it and an adjusting screw and 2 wire connector Aug 27, 2021 12:18:29 GMT -5
jim schlipp: email me at schlipps@embarqmail.com for the above parts Aug 27, 2021 12:20:46 GMT -5
sl4dotsb: I took the the fuel lines off and forgot which one goes where. I'm pretty sure the bottom one is right because it's smaller than the other two, but could someone confirm where the other ones go imgur.com/TpEOnkR Sept 14, 2021 13:42:09 GMT -5
sl4dotsb: That's behind the carburetor, not sure which line is supposed to have that two way valve on it. The diagram in the book isn't helpful because it shows them oriented vertically. Sept 14, 2021 13:43:54 GMT -5
tom4589: hello there people of the thread am a owner of a 1990 just gl 4x4 and have engine Nosie on acceleration. have read that the balance shaft timing chain can come loose but would like to know what other owners have experienced and what was the issue or issues Oct 12, 2021 12:39:16 GMT -5
tom45896745: hello peopel of the thread i have a 1990 justy gl 4x4 and am having oil like come on at idle but not acceleration adn have engine nosie very aggresive rattle or sounds like rod knock but have checked oil and no mental or shiny bits any help is welcome. Oct 12, 2021 12:43:19 GMT -5
jim schlipp: hello tom 4589 it` probably the sprockets that are worn i have a 93 justy and mine did the same and the sprockets were worn and i changed all 3 of them and works great now so i would pull the pan and check them for uneven on sprocket teeth Oct 19, 2021 15:29:40 GMT -5
gearheadeh: If anyone wants to contact me quickly look for Hagen Hartwell on the FB page Dec 4, 2021 10:31:40 GMT -5
akneff: Hey Sub-Fam, Today I got another Justy, 91 AWD 2 Door, In great shape, need a few things, Windshield...lol, gas door, and ideas on a 2" lift kit thats not SLR...? Feb 12, 2022 0:18:36 GMT -5
danatkins: need help with ecvt Feb 23, 2022 14:25:36 GMT -5
danatkins: car will not move engine runs fine Feb 23, 2022 14:26:36 GMT -5
danatkins: to garry82ms will you help with ecvt Feb 23, 2022 14:44:15 GMT -5
garry82ms: Sorry Bud, I don't check this often enough. All good or still kerfuffled? Mar 21, 2022 0:40:39 GMT -5
flyabeech: Looking for a 4WD solenoid! Apr 11, 2022 14:29:39 GMT -5
flyabeech: Need motor mounts, throttle cable, & 4WD vacuum solenoid for 91 Justy! Apr 11, 2022 14:38:47 GMT -5
dude: you might be able to fit a high hp motorcycle engine in it but you'd have to swap the gearbox too Apr 24, 2022 7:16:41 GMT -5
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