jayjay: Hey guys. Wondering about Subaru as a general question. What was the last years carb was used on them in general? I'm sure it's specific to the model but just a general guess would help me. Thanks Oct 31, 2019 17:58:45 GMT -5
gpilot: Last carb'ed Justy was 1990. That is when they switched to MPFI. Incidentally I believe that year Justy was the last carbureted car sold in the US Oct 31, 2019 19:06:03 GMT -5
larryb: gpilot: Wrong. I have a 92 DL WITH carb. Purchased NEW in 92! 92 was the last year with carbs...DO NOT believe the on-line parts sites!!!!! Nov 4, 2019 17:47:37 GMT -5
ValliFudd: I have 3x 1991/1992 carb justys :) Nov 8, 2019 7:59:06 GMT -5
akneff: I have been looking for one for my 91, who had it before me wrecked the bolts in the Carb, saw a few on Ebay , but not sure if they will fit. Nov 19, 2019 10:30:58 GMT -5
Soren: Picking up a 91 awd this weekend, can I dolly tow it?? Nov 27, 2019 20:57:45 GMT -5
deegore: Should be ok as long as the 4wd is disengaged and the transmission is full of gear oil (if it's a manual) Nov 29, 2019 0:04:43 GMT -5
Transturbine: Anyone have a justy for sale? Dec 29, 2019 13:19:39 GMT -5
Transturbine: If so email me Dec 29, 2019 13:20:08 GMT -5
JustyOwner: Does anyone know the lifespan of a Justy? Can they go to 200,000? I'm looking at one that's got 100,000 for $1300. Is it worth it? Jan 9, 2020 23:08:33 GMT -5
Slavbaru: Always worth to buy a justy. Is it Miles? Lifespan is not an issue, it would probably get you to 500'000 if you cared about oil and bodywork Jan 11, 2020 19:05:46 GMT -5
zdizeez: My 4WD 1988 has 168,218 right now. Jan 21, 2020 10:12:55 GMT -5
1989 4WD justy: anything in particular to look for when buying a used justy? bad oil pumps and balance shaft chains are what breaks the engine in most cases if im correct but anything else? Jan 24, 2020 9:32:09 GMT -5
guest name 69: just get one that isn't too rusty thats all, then do all the maintnance because you never know (i had 2 timing belts snap on me) Jan 25, 2020 12:06:51 GMT -5
1989 4WD justy: engine is idling at 900-1000 rpm when cold, when the engine heats up idle rpm goes to 1500, does the 1989 carburated engine have a PCV valve? or could this be caused by the automatic choke or too hot spark plugs? timing is OK. Jan 28, 2020 12:28:36 GMT -5
henrypaz: I appreciate your help with that. thanks so much. :) Jan 31, 2020 2:04:35 GMT -5
snowbird589: to justyowner, I have a 1991 subaru justy4wd we went everywhere with that car from the states here to Canada and back at 200,000 miles I had the engine rebuilt at that time but still had a lot of life in the car Feb 9, 2020 16:04:19 GMT -5
pablomelguera66: I want to buy one of this in costa rica, but i dont wich one is better, the e10 or the e12. They are more or less the same price.

Wich one do you recomend? Or can you explain to a total begginer wich are the main differences?

Feb 28, 2020 12:43:27 GMT -5
Justyman 91 year model: What is the fuel pump pressure supposed to be in a single point injection engine compared to a carburated one? Mar 25, 2020 6:45:43 GMT -5
green: 1991 justy 2wd where is my vacuum censor May 27, 2020 14:06:58 GMT -5
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