Hi from Spain


cdion: Cant help you sorry, parts cars are now gone for marital reasons. Jul 15, 2018 15:21:06 GMT -5
91justy4wdshea: Just got a Justy for $100, did a lot of research about the issue, which was just one day it just stopped moving although started and ran fine. I then discovered it was driving just only in 4wd. I think I need new hubs. Anyone got any for sale. Jul 17, 2018 23:16:02 GMT -5
Arch: Anyone know where I can get a left front cv axle for a 1987 Justy? The only ones I can find (don’t ask me how I know) are for the later equal length years. I have scoured the ‘net for it, none available. Thanks in advance. Jul 23, 2018 21:13:56 GMT -5
Vågen: any recommendations on where to get rusty wheel wells welded in New England? Aug 17, 2018 2:19:58 GMT -5
kc: have 3 justys for sale in florida 1500.00 donnerk@juno.com Sept 1, 2018 6:52:17 GMT -5
kc: 3 justys for sale in florida 1500.00 donnerk@juno.com Sept 1, 2018 6:53:54 GMT -5
peon rivers: have a 1992 2dr 5spd in decent shape runs lots of extra parts pm for details located in armstrong B.C. Sept 21, 2018 20:32:03 GMT -5
justytrudeau: Do the back seats from a 4 door fit in a 2 door? Oct 11, 2018 20:24:03 GMT -5
noll11: I'm pretty sure that they do. Have the rear seats removed from of my project 4dr currently, will check against my 2dr parts-cars. Oct 12, 2018 21:15:19 GMT -5
midwest justy: Any solid 4x4 justys for sale in the midwest? Nov 2, 2018 23:15:10 GMT -5
Nathan: Is there any engine out there that bolts to a justy manual fwd transmission? Nov 13, 2018 12:34:39 GMT -5
Joel: I have just bought a 1990 justy but it's fwd auto any idea where to find a manual gearbox? Nov 13, 2018 18:55:43 GMT -5
justytrudeau: @joel: I might have one; where are you geographically? Dec 4, 2018 2:52:50 GMT -5
roro: were to buy electro valvle for 4x4 Dec 13, 2018 13:36:19 GMT -5
S: Jerrys,Justys: I have 4 Justus for sale im close to Asheville North Carolina call 828-380-9868 to find out more Dec 27, 2018 21:34:20 GMT -5
Slavbaru: Any justys in poland/czech, eastern europe in general? D: Jan 30, 2019 13:53:42 GMT -5
justyturnip: any reason I can't see the photos on the sti justy anymore? Feb 3, 2019 11:25:45 GMT -5
Brty: Hello does anyone know where I might find a replacement solenoid on the ecvt gearbox which changes the 4wd to 2wd? Mar 12, 2019 7:21:29 GMT -5
Brty: I have a 1994 Justy and I am looking for a new solenoid which sits on the ecvt gearbox and switches the 4wd to 2wd Mar 12, 2019 7:23:00 GMT -5
Brtyboy : I have a 1994 Justy with the ecvt gearbox, I’m looking for a solenoid which sits on the gearbox and changes the 4wd to 2wd Mar 12, 2019 7:24:28 GMT -5
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