My J10 GL or Justy :P


Guest Justy Taupo: Hi there. Just repalced the oil seal in a 1990 1.0l Justy - points dizzy model. The dizzy is a Hitachi D3J84-01 (22100KA231). The seal is 12.45 x 22 x 6 mm. It has the Nissan part number B2131-01M00. Good luck. Phil. May 23, 2014 2:26:00 GMT -5
failsatheals: Anyone in the midwest looking for just engine parts?? Message me on here May 24, 2014 17:54:49 GMT -5
josty: Looking for digital service manual for 1992 1.2 Justy. Anyone know something about canister ? May 26, 2014 14:00:13 GMT -5
Loki: I need a 2door driver side seat-belt, does anybody have one? - Loki May 28, 2014 13:59:47 GMT -5
bailliesjusty: WE are in search of Struts or if a 1988 Justy GL 4wd can be modified. we can find struts any where May 28, 2014 15:27:45 GMT -5
brad: Want to buy a rebuilt 1.2 1988 justy engine can call me 304-629-8113 Jun 2, 2014 17:39:59 GMT -5
ounse: I am in need of a 88 Carb. 3 Cylinder head for my justy. If anybody has one for sale or knows someone that is selling one PM me as long as it is not cracked or blew a spark plug. Thanks Jun 7, 2014 22:08:11 GMT -5
slomojusty: does anyone know where to find replacement shifter bushing for my justy? Jul 4, 2014 20:01:38 GMT -5
moemoney313: Try here for shifter bushings: Jul 4, 2014 22:53:31 GMT -5
slomojusty: what size wipers do i need for my 88 justy?? Jul 7, 2014 0:15:46 GMT -5
hellsjustys: slomojusty: 450mm I think, NOT quit sure but thats what internet told me :) Jul 8, 2014 18:17:13 GMT -5
slomojusty: tnx hellsjustys Jul 9, 2014 23:05:42 GMT -5
j: would someone please repost the part number for the Balance shaft chain guide. I know I saw it in a thread but for the life of me I can't find it again. also please list places that carry them that can overnight or expedite shipping to the US. Jul 25, 2014 14:38:39 GMT -5
southerner: Can someone share a download for a user/repair manual of a '94 ? Aug 7, 2014 18:24:04 GMT -5
ninetyonejusty: is there anybody that can help W/A 91GL 5speed-why is the brake & battery light on (dashboard lights) when i start the car and doesn't go off. yes the parking brake is off haha. both braking system and battery/cables are new. pls help thx you very much.... Aug 13, 2014 15:03:15 GMT -5
Armageddous: Faulty alternator Aug 16, 2014 22:13:38 GMT -5
duck1974: I just had the same problem it was a short in the alternator wiring Aug 27, 2014 11:54:51 GMT -5
tmebus: My manual isn't very good, does anyone have a good step by step for R&R of the balance shaft chain? Aug 28, 2014 18:05:01 GMT -5
unicornteste: Nice looking Justy. Can you tell me please the size of your tires? Aug 30, 2014 16:48:59 GMT -5
unicornteste: sorry don't know what the hell im doing Aug 30, 2014 16:50:25 GMT -5
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