Tom: I've no idea, I was just asking if anybody used this one lol Nov 6, 2014 16:43:42 GMT -5
trusty.justy: Need passanger front caliper bracket...any ideas? In Idaho Nov 10, 2014 18:26:50 GMT -5
trusty.justy: please email dakota55woodyard@yahoo if any come up or supply located. will buy whole caliper if needed thank you Nov 10, 2014 18:28:14 GMT -5
daniel: i need a justy 1st gen 1988 rear strut Nov 14, 2014 10:33:11 GMT -5
justaberry: lookin for a lift kit need 2 inches at the least Nov 18, 2014 2:08:46 GMT -5
weaponr: yeah use a flat knife or flat screwdriver to pull up the "paint can lid" and i believe the bolt size is 8mm for the fuel pump sending unit Dec 1, 2014 11:39:23 GMT -5
Vladislav: Hello. Do not tell me where to find the manual for Subaru justy 1992 Dec 2, 2014 11:30:57 GMT -5
coemgen: I promise to not tell you where the manual is. Dec 2, 2014 14:56:40 GMT -5
dimitris dam: hi guys from greece..i have a subaru justy 2008 model and i want to change the cabin filter...i can't find..can you tell me where is??? thanks dimitrisdamarlis@yahoo.gr Dec 5, 2014 9:26:18 GMT -5
gearheadeh: REAL Justy's do not have cabin filters! Dec 5, 2014 12:20:47 GMT -5
coemgen: Agreed. But if that newer Justy is anything like my Impreza or Legacy, it is behind the glove box. Dec 5, 2014 16:00:55 GMT -5
Dom: Hey, is it good to drive the justy in AWD on tarmac? Dec 9, 2014 17:40:10 GMT -5
gearheadeh: NO Dec 9, 2014 18:37:59 GMT -5
Dominik: thanks Dec 9, 2014 19:33:57 GMT -5
Tom: Has anybody ever changed there ECVT box to a manual? If so, how difficult was it? Cheers Dec 18, 2014 6:49:06 GMT -5
chooch: HI does anyone know much about 4WD servos, I have agreed to buy a car where the 4WD servo doesn't work and the pipes need to be swapped manually to change into 4WD??? Is this an easy fix? Dec 19, 2014 8:56:35 GMT -5
jpmeeske: The BACK window SPRAYER NOZZLE broke (off the door frame above the window) on my '87 Justy GL. The spray shoots into outer space, so I really need to replace it. Dec 21, 2014 22:07:40 GMT -5 *
jpmeeske: Does anyone know a source for a windshield for my '87 Justy GL? Dec 21, 2014 22:24:38 GMT -5
gazaking187: I am having serious problems getting the bolts of the engine head. I don't want to force them or maybe I am just being too soft...Any suggestions. Quick response needed. Dec 22, 2014 15:25:55 GMT -5
gazaking187: jpmeeske there was someone here who was scrapping out some justys and you can always check rockauto. Dec 22, 2014 20:53:05 GMT -5
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